Anker Robovac 10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviewed and Compared

Anker Robovac 10 Robot Vacuum

The vacuum industry is taken over by this powerful disk-shaped cleaner that automatically detects dust, dirt, hair, and debris. Today, robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed for specific cleaning, so all you need to do is turn them on to get the cleaning done. Sounds like a dream? We are talking about the Anker Robovac 10 vacuum. The Anker brand has come up with series of affordable cleaning machine to compete with brands like Scooba, Braava, and Bobsweep.

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Anker Robovac 10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Anker robot vacuum does self-docking and is loaded with many features for achieving extreme cleaning. But, does the product delivers what the company promises. Here, is a detailed Anker Robovac 10 review that will help decide its real worth in regards of buying.

Anker robot vacuum got all the upgrade features to make the cleaning more efficient, flexible and comfortable. This robotic vacuum cleaner has 3 point cleaning system divided into powerful suction, rolling brushing and side brushing to remove dirt, debris, and pet hair from all kind of surfaces. It also has the Hepa-Filter traps microscopic allergens that purify the area of the living space.

To get complete cleaning on the corners, it is programmed with three modes – Edge, Auto and Spot Modes. So, if you need extra cleaning on the corner, just push the button to get things done. Though handling this machine might require a proper reading of Anker Robovac 10 manual before actually operating the device.

Features of Anker Robovac 10

Robovac 10 is designed for effort-free cleaning with auto mode, spot cleaning, and edge cleaning. Each feature is made for specific cleaning problem in the house. As the name suggests, you can remote control the vacuum through your smartphone and navigate it to the desired location. The sensor helps the vacuum cleaner to avoid banging on the furniture, walls or edges. Powerful 2,600 Lithium-ion battery can work for approximately 100 minutes with powerful suction and powerful cleaning. Main brush movement is from side to side that picks all kind of debris with ease. The HEPA system ensures that it cleans the air from the living space. Loaded with all these features, Robovac 10 is available at the pocket friendly price for customers who are looking for top-notch cleaning system.

Pros of the Anker Robot Vacuum

  • Many reviewers have compared Anker Robovac 10 with the new Roomba vacuums because of the efficient cleaning. So, consumers who are looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner in the budget can quickly opt for this product.
  • One can control the vacuum through remote as well as through smartphone. The setup method is explained in the manual for the customers.
  • Cleaning the room is relatively easy especially around the corners, carpet, floor or cleaning any pesky spots.
  • The side sweeping brush movement is efficient in picking debris in just one go.
  • As it has a low profile, it goes smoothly under furniture and bed, so you get useful cleaning on the hard to reach areas.

Cons of Anker Robot Vacuum

  • Don’t expect any miracle from the Anker Robovac 10. This robot vacuum is not from heavy cleaning, but a simple vacuuming to keep the living space clean.
  • Creating a navigation path can be difficult resulting in vacuum banging on the furniture few times.
  • If the room requires deep cleaning, the device might need a recharge in the middle of work.
  • There will be times when the device will not remember the docking station so that part needs to be done manually to get the machine charged.

Anker Robovac vs Roomba

When it comes to the modern cleaning system, two companies that are ruling the robot vacuum cleaner market is the Anker and Roomba. Similar in design, both the corporations promise the customers for superior quality of cleaning without much hassle. But, choosing between the top most brand can be difficult. So, here is the list of comparisons between Anker Robovac vs Roomba.

  1. Anker Robovac 10 is 3 inches’ slimmer compared to Roomba which makes it easier to slide under the bed and low height furniture.
  2. Anker has the HEPA filtration system whereas concentrated clean in the dirty areas.
  3. Robovac 10 offers nearly 50% more cleaning time compared to Roomba. This is very useful when you are vacuuming more significant hall area.
  4. When it comes to the intelligent navigation system, Roomba uses the sensor to clean area and avoid bumping into the obstructions. Anker is more aggressive towards cleaning and takes time to set up the navigation from wall to wall. So, be ready to see your robot vacuum getting bumped on the wall or furniture.
  5. Anker Robovac is powered by 2600mAh Li-ion battery which is the most prominent point in this comparison as Roomba comes with older style battery which lasts not more than one hour.

Final Verdict

Despite on few cons and limitations and getting the device compared with another high-end model, Anker RoboVac 10 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner turns out to be an excellent buy for those who like quick and efficient cleaning. The build is durable and flexible when it comes to cleaning around the corners. With the cutting-edge technology, it’s a worthy buy for those who are looking for a high-end model in the budget.

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