Bobsweep VS Roomba: Choose Best Robotic Vacuum for Home

Bobsweep VS Roomba- Choose Best Robotic Vacuum for Home

Technology has become the most important aspect of making our lives simpler and cleaner. The best example of this is the robotic vacuum for home which cleans the floor, keep dust mites away and remove the pet hair effectively from carpets. Among so many robotic vacuums, Bobsweep and Roomba rule the online market. So, if you are confused among these two brands, we have made a detailed Bobsweep vs Roomba review that will cover all the necessary points to guide you in choosing best robotic vacuum for home.

Bobsweep VS Roomba:

Built Quality:

Both the brands Bobi and Roomba robotic vacuum comes with the latest design and promises smart cleaning of your home, especially if you have low pile carpets like Berber carpet.

  1. With the minimalistic design, Roomba has three buttons – Home, Clean and Spot whereas the Bobi also has three buttons – Go, Juice and Waffle.
  2. Roomba has a simple interface, easily controlled by the app and a default cleaning cycle that cleans multiple rooms of your house. Bobi lacks in the SLAM algorithm which most of the iRobot utilize to give efficient cleaning.

The SLAM software is imperative in guiding the robotic vacuum cleaner to detect the dirty place, avoid bumping into furniture and track the position while cleaning the surface. So, in the roomba vs bobsweep comparison of built and software, Roomba clearly outsmarts the other competitor.

Brush and Vacuum Cleaning System:

The next part is reviewing Bobsweep vs Roomba cleaning system. Both vacuum cleaners come with a motorized brush on the upper left part of the machine. The main difference is the rotation of these bristled brushes.

  • Bobsweep applies the combination of counter-rotation of these brushes. It also has squeegee rubber brush with bristles useful in picking pet hair.
  • On the other hand, Roomba 980 has counter rotation extractors which were also present in the previous model. This is helpful in picking fine dust on the floor but not effective with pet hair.
  • Roomba 980 is very efficient in cleaning dirty carpets in comparison of Bobi which cannot handle cleaning big amount of dirt.

Cliff sensor, dirt bin, and wheels on both the robotic vacuum cleaner are same. For those who have a pet in their home should know that the extractors need to be cleaned from time to time as long hair gets stuck on the side of the extractors which can hinder the cleaning process. So, the winner is Roomba 980 for having efficient cleaning system.

Filtration Panel of Robotic Vacuum:

Both the vacuum cleaners have HEPA filtration systems, and the filters are washable. This makes cleaning process more efficient. So, there is a tie in Bobsweep vs Roomba filtration system.

Battery Power:

Roomba 980 has a lithium-ion battery, unlike the previous version of Roombas which had NiCad Battery. This upgrade gives Roomba 980 an extended run time of approximately 2 hours more. But while using on carpet boost, the battery will discharge faster while cleaning. Bobi uses the old nickel-cadmium battery that runs about 1.5 hours. Here the winner for Roomba vs Bobsweep battery usage is Roomba 980.

Warranty of Robotic Vacuum:

  • Roomba Robot Vacuum has a one-year warranty and six months’ warranty on the battery.
  • The Bobsweep offers a two-year warranty on their product with a sixty-day money back guarantee to the customer who felt dissatisfaction with the product.

The winner is Bobsweep for offering great warranty for their robotic vacuum.

Online Price:

The online price on Roomba 980 is $895 which is cheaper compared to the retail store. On the other hand, Bobi is available at a pocket-friendly price of $228 approximately.  There are many versions available online but go with the pet version as it comes with a powerful motor, turbo suction for picking pet hair from carpet and longer runtime. If you have a limited budget, then Bobi will be a wise choice as it works efficiently in cleaning the house, picking up hair and cleaning the carpet.

Conclusion on Bobsweep vs Roomba

Roomba 980 is a better performing robotic vacuum for home because of the powerful machine, better navigation while cleaning the floor, Wi-Fi connectivity and a powerful battery that runs vacuum for hours while cleaning multiple rooms.

Though, getting Roomba can be heavy in your pocket as it cost near to $900 as it is the most expensive robotic vacuum available online. Going for Bobsweep review, this brand also offers the same kind of navigation with a smaller motor and approximately 1.5 hours of runtime.

Also, if you have carpet at home, Bobsweep won’t be able to deliver effective cleaning because of weaker suction. So, as per our test, Roomba 980 is a winner even though it puts a dent on the pocket. There are other variants also available in the market, but it will be wise to invest in Roomba 980 because of the powerful motor and latest features.

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