Canister vs Upright Vacuum: Top Vacuums Compared

Canister Vs Upright Vacuum

If you are willing to buy vacuum cleaner and planning among canister or upright, then here in this post I will provide you the profound details of the Canister vs Upright vacuum cleaners. From the features, advantages, and disadvantages you can make out which vacuum suits to your requirements. To select any one of the vacuums between Upright vs Canister is solely depends on your likings or preferences. But with proper guidance, you can make the appropriate selection so that you get the value of your purchase.

So let’s move ahead to the discussion:

Canister vs Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Can’t operate instantly as it requires assemblage of accessories.Louder than canister vacuum cleaner due to lack of decent sound insulation.
Hard to store due to hose and wand.Hard to carry on stairs as they are heavy in weight.
Problematic for the people suffering from back pains as one has to bend down while using.Corners cannot be cleaned effectively.
Inconvenient for some users due to dragging.Generally short and unbending hose.
You have to lift over edges due to the presence of smaller wheels.Retractable electrical cord is rarely found.
If you move from carpet to bare floors then you have to change the brush.Not meant for people suffering from allergy.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

It has the advanced filtration system and to check leaking emissions it is sealed that stop the seepage of debris and dust. It has the suction control. The canister vacuum weighs 16 to 25 pounds. You will find that canister vacuum powered by electricity is more expensive than the air driven canister vacuum. Go for the vacuum that has wheels under the body so that you can move quickly.

Benefits of Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

  • More commanding with enhanced suction power.
  • Provides easy and fast cleaning to bare floors.
  • Easy to maneuver and clean the stairs, furniture and tight spaces with the help of the wand.
  • Due to sound insulation it works more silently.
  • To provide efficiency it is furnished with tools like crevice nozzle and upholstery brush.
  • Possesses perfect suction power.
  • The electrical cord is self-retracting.
  • HEPA system provides relief to allergy sufferers.

Upright Vacuum Cleaner

While cleaning you the don’t have to bend with the upright vacuum cleaner. Nowadays it is accompanied with various features that will make your work easier and comfortable. If you want to clean wider area, then go for the upright vacuum cleaner. You will find crevice tool, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush in most of the upright vacs.

Now after making you aware about the canister and upright vacuum cleaner, I will discuss the benefits of both the types of the vacuum cleaner so that you can easily differentiate between the two and make your preferred choice.

Benefits of Upright Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Low-priced than Canister vacuum cleaner.
  • Meant for thick carpets and rugs as they have motorized brushes.
  • With your foot, you can control the move amongst bare floors and carpets.
  • You don’t have to bend your back.
  • Does not require accessories so you will find easy storage.
  • Suitable for large areas.
  • Generally, holds larger vacuum bags.
  • Mostly hose is built-in to provide flexibility.

Now from the above points, you must be familiar with what all the advantages Canister vs Upright vacuum offer. After discussing the benefits, let’s talk about the points lacking in Canister vs Upright vacuum cleaner.

Are canister vacuums better than upright?

The above points will tell you the points missing in Canister as well as Upright vacuum cleaners. Go through the details and make the final choice for the one that suits you better.

Earlier some people consider Upright vacuum for carpets and rugs, and bare floors prefer Canister vacuum. Now the scenario has changed as Upright vacuum cleaners come with small hoses and motorized brush accessories are accompanied with Canister vacuum cleaners. Whatsoever; the differences between the Upright vs Canister vacuum is still prominent which you can make out from the pros and cons of the same, as mentioned above in the post.

If laminate floors are found in your house, then Upright vacuum cleaner will be the apt choice as it can remove the dust from the heavy carpets with the help of rotating brushes. On the other hand, Canister vacuum cleaner provides quick results as it is the powerful and efficient tool. You can easily handle it. People residing in big houses with bare floors and some blend of carpets should carry on with Canister vacuum. You won’t face any disturbing noise as it offers cleaning tasks silently.

Altogether Canister vacuum cleaner enjoys more advantages over the Upright vacuum cleaner, but ultimately it’s personal choice to select any one of the two.

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