Dyson V6 vs V8 – Choose The Right One For You Before Buy

Dyson v6 vs v8 Compared and Reviewed

Dyson V6 and V8 absolute both are the powerful and good-quality vacuums. But when it comes to the difference between the Dyson models, the comparison of Dyson V6 vs V8 comes into our minds. The Dyson V8 absolute was the recent release from Dyson. It is a fresh Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner which brings more than what expected just by the name. New appearance, improved emptying function, and longer battery life is some of the attractive features of Dyson V8 absolute. Today, we are going to review and compare the best Dyson vacuums; Dyson V6 absolute and Dyson V8 absolute.

Key differences

  • The Dyson V6 absolute has a suction power of 100AW while V8 absolute has 115AW.
  • The motor used in V6 absolute is of 325W while the V8 absolute uses 425W powered motor.
  • V6 comes with a standard dustbin while V8 uses a quick ejection system as a dustbin option.
  • Standard runtime of the V6 absolute is 20 minutes while V8 absolute has 40 minutes, both are identical to the run times of V6 animal and V8 animal relatively.
  • The charging time of V8 absolute is five hours which is significantly more than that of V6 absolute which is 3.5 hours.
  • A slight difference in weight of these both Dyson cordless vacuums; V8 has a weight of 2.63 KGs while V6 has 2.31 KGs.
  • The Dyson V8 absolute has more suction power with a soft roller head and advanced motor which offers a better cleaning performance than V6 absolute and v6 animal.

Now we will compare the Dyson V6 vs V8 in some more details. So, take a cup of tea and sit back on your chair, because it’s the time of vacuum shopping.

Till recently, the Dyson V6 was the crema de crema in the vacuum cleaning market, which also has won the award for the best vacuum cleaner of the year. But, it was until only the Dyson has announced the upgraded or say superior version named as V8 absolute. They can be used for high pile carpet too. Both the vacuums are pretty much identical to each other in many ways, but if you take a closer look to them, you can find the fantastic upgraded version of Dyson V6 absolute for sure.

Dyson V6 vs V8 Suction Power

The Dyson V8 absolute has more suction power among the both. It has an advanced digital motor of 425 Watts which provides more power than the V6 absolute’s motor having 325 Watts. At the max power mode, Dyson V6 runs at a top speed of 100 air watts while Dyson V8 runs at 115 air watts.

Both the Dyson V8 and V6 absolute are featured with the Dyson cyclone technology which makes them usable as a bagless vac too.

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Battery performance comparison of Dyson V6 vs V8

The Dyson V8 absolute comes with the extended battery life compared to Dyson V6. The battery life of the V8 absolute is almost double to V6 which is 40 minutes compared to 20 minutes. Many people think that cordless vacuums don’t last enough and they too have a smaller charging capacity. This feature of Dyson V8 cuts this crap from the root. How many people spend the time of vacuuming their home more than 40 minutes?

Head Comparison of Dyson V6 vs V8 Absolute Vacuum Cleaners

Both the V6 and V8 absolute models are having DDC (Direct Drive Cleaner) heads. These heads provide almost 150% more power than the Dyson V6 Motorhead Vacuum and Dyson V6 Animal Vacuum. It results in a variety of capability of removing dust and debris from the soft floors as well.

The difference you can see in both of them while it comes to cleaning the hard floors. With the standard hard floor head, the V6 absolute vacuum is good for picking the dust and debris. The V8 absolute has a soft roller head which is designed especially for the hard floors. It removes small as well as large particles at the same time.

Dyson V6 Absolute vs V8 Absolute vs V6 Animal vs V8 Animal vs V6 Motorized

 Dyson V6 Absolute
Dyson V8 Absolute
Dyson V6 Animal
Dyson V8 Animal
Dyson V6 Motorhead
Run Time
20 Minutes
40 Minutes
20 Minutes
40 Minutes
20 Minutes
Suction Power
100 Air Watts
115 Air Watts
100 Air Watts
115 Air Watts
100 Air Watts
2.31 Kgs
2.63 Kgs
2.27 Kgs
4.90 Kgs
1.77 Kgs
Bin Capacity
0.105 Gallons
0.143 Gallons
0.105 Gallons
0.143 Gallons
0.105 Gallons
Cleaner HeadDirect-drive with 75% more brush bar power
Direct-drive with 150% more brush bar power
Direct-drive with 75% more brush bar power
Direct-drive with 150% more brush bar power


We think we have done enough to give you a clear idea about the Dyson V6 absolute vs Dyson V8 absolute. Not just because of the upgraded version, but with absolutely providing some eye-catching and out ranged features like more power, longer battery, reduced noise, and larger bin capacity, the Dyson V8 absolute is our favorite choice among both. You can also find the Dyson V6 Animal review and Dyson V6 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum review on the web, but if you made the mind to go with the Dyson model, then we strongly suggest you check these Dyson V6 and V8 absolute models first.

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For small-sized houses, the Dyson V6 is more preferable, and for the mid or bigger house owners, Dyson V8 absolute is the perfect vacuum cleaner to have.

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