How to Vacuum Stairs Effortlessly – Top Cleaning Tactics

How to Vacuum Stairs

Many times it’s hard for you to vacuum stairs as lots of dust gets accumulated at the corners of the stairs. Carrying of the bulky device up and down the stairs is also tiring and cumbersome. If you have the furry friend in your house, then you have to be more particular about the cleaning. But you need not to worry at all. In this article, I will share top tactics of how to vacuum stairs so that you can get rid of the stairs cleaning problems. Remember that you can use the vacuum cleaner for both carpeted or uncarpeted stairs.

Before buying vacuum cleaner make sure it is light in weight so that you can easily maneuver it. The easy movability with longer power cords will make your work easier and simpler. No doubt the clean and tidy stairs will enhance the look of your house so let’s discuss the tactics below on.

How to Vacuum Stairs

  1. Remove the objects- To enjoy unhindered path you should check the stairs before vacuuming. In case you find any stuff like bigger grime and crumbs of paper lying on the stairs then remove the objects by picking it up. The useless stuff won’t clog up your vacuum cleaner if you pick them up before vacuuming stairs. Do check dust on handrails and stair rods before making use of vacuum cleaner.
  2. Look after corners- The dirt and wreckage are frequently accumulated in the corners of the carpeted stairs. On your vacuum, pick the appropriate nozzle attachment to wipe out the dust present on the edges. It would be effective if you use the pointed tool or smaller nozzle as it can easily reach the corners. Repeat the process of cleaning the corners and edges so that the dust gets properly removed.
  3. Check the whole surface- After cleaning the edges change the nozzle with the wider one. Over each step run the nozzle cautiously. First, clean the flat surface and then make up and down motion to look after the vertical part of the steps. Clean the surface horizontally and then vertically as you work on each stair in ascending way.

All these steps will help you vacuum stairs easily and quickly. Be particular about the corners as the dust gets settle over there. Cover every centimeter by using up and down motion. Of each step first, you vacuum horizontally and then after vertically. When you are through with the cleaning, then check the stairs patiently. If you find any dust, then do repeat the step of vacuuming so that you get the satisfactory outcome.

What things to be considered?

Go for lightweight vacuum cleaner that can be easily carried without extra efforts. The pivoting head will help in cleaning narrow areas. The heads that rotate 180 degrees will work efficiently. Consider the features like crevice tools, brushes that clean profoundly and a hose. You can opt cordless vacuum cleaners for stairs or handheld vacuums that have rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

If your stairs are carpeted, then the surface will be more spotted due to the marks made by feet and paws by ascending and descending the stairs. Regularly change the bag and filter of the device so that it offers you excellent services. Every tool should be properly attached to the main body part so that it functions in perfect order without any chaos. If you pre plan all the things in advance, then you will have the clean home which will give you the feeling of pleasure and pride.

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