Roomba 860 Vs 880 – Difference Between iRobot Vacuums

Roomba 860 Vs 880

Today we are going to talk about the features, specifications, pricing and lots more in this comparison of two Roomba Vacuum Floor Cleaners – Roomba 860 vs Roomba 880. iRobots manufactures different type of automatic floor cleaners, which are smart, intelligent, compact and come with many facilities.

The primary purpose of a robotic vacuum is automatic floor cleaning so that you can avoid any stress regarding home cleaning! You can work in your office without any tension and can rest in your holidays because your companion – iRobot floor cleaners – are doing their job in the best possible manner!

First of all, check out the comparison of some different specifications of these two.

Roomba 860 vs 880

NoSpecificationsRoomba 860Roomba 880
2Cleaning StyleRandomOrganized
3Sensing QualityLowAverage
4Remote ControlNoYes
5Virtual Wall LighthousesNo2
6Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers1Yes
7Battery TypeLithium IonX Life
8Battery Life75 Minutes60 Minutes
9Entire Level CleaningNoYes
10Full Bin IndicatorNoYes
11Multi Room NavigationNoYes

Now, let’s see some common features of both the Roomba Vacuums – 860 and 880

Dimensions: 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches
Warranty: 1 Year
Weight: 8 Pounds
Cleaning: 5x the air power, 3-stage AeroForce cleaning system

We have seen Roomba 860 vs 880 now let’s see the detailed review of both Roomba iRobots.

iRobot Roomba 860 Review

If you have a busy lifestyle and unable to give much time for your home cleaning and all, one good thing of Roomba 860 vacuum robot is that it needs very less maintenance. You can sit back and relax. Moreover, this robot’s price is quite reasonable than the other Roomba vacuums of this category.

One another unique quality of Roomba 860 is that it has Lithium Ion battery, which is very durable. It runs around 75 minutes in one go! This is the best part of this automatic floor cleaning robot. It also has advanced scheduling. You can easily set some particular time (daily or even weekly!) for cleaning the floors of your house.

It has tangle free extractors and better suction. Although, if you have some heavy pet hair, then there are chances to get tangles, even if with its tangle free quality. So this system of extractors is still not perfect and needs improvement in particularly this section.

Roomba 860 does not provide remote, so you cannot control your vacuum cleaner remotely. The robot 860 roams around random, and not organized in cleaning. Plus, it may not clean the corners of your house because of its circular design, and it has limited bells and whistles to notify.

Apart from that, it is not smart enough to resume just by itself. Once it discharges, it can go to the dock for charging, but after recharge, it does not resume. You need to do it manually.


iRobot Roomba 880 Review

This robot is one of the most efficient automatic robots of the company. It uses a debris extractor made of rubber. There is no issue of tangled or non-tangled extractor as even small particles can stick to the rubber. Just because of that, it requires minor maintenance.

Roomba 880 vacuum cleaner can grab dust, hair and smallest particle of debris. It uses iAdapt navigation technology, which is smart and organized. You can use this robot on tiles, carpets, or hardwoods.

Roomba 880 also uses sensors. Because of these sensors, it can avoid heavy obstacles and sharp drops. Moreover, the Roomba 880 has a full bin indicator. It indicates the time to empty the bin, so you don’t need to remember that.

There is HEPA filter which gives you cleaner air by trapping small dust and debris. The robot offers manual docking as well as a spot cleaning mode. So ultimately, it is a good investment to make for a cleaner and neat house.

But yes, there are also some cons of 880. The Roomba 880 does not have carpet boost. Plus, it is not having Lithium Ion battery. There is X Life battery in this floor cleaner which is less durable compared to the Lithium Ion. It is also not providing Auto Resume after recharge just like 860.


Common benefits of both the iRobots 

  • Tangle-free debris extractors
  • AeroForce 3 stage cleaning system
  • Smart schedule
  • Focused cleaning
  • Attractive designs and colors
  • 5x Stronger power
  • 3x Battery life
  • Virtual wall technology

As per our research, we found out that Roomba 860 has more cons than the Roomba 880. Some other cons of 860 are as under;

  • Weak navigation system
  • No navigation for more than one room
  • Poor sensors
  • Not having high-efficiency filters

One thing that should be upgraded in both the models is ‘The Mobile Application.’ Most of the new designs of vacuum cleaners have the facility of mobile applications. If we neglect this one thing, there are enough features which make both the iRobots perfect to satisfy the needs of floor cleaning automatically. As far as related to the conclusion of this review, we can surely say that the Roomba 880 is a better upgrade than the 860 vacuum machine.

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