Roomba Maker Plans to Sell Digital Maps to Amazon, Apple or Facebook

Roomba Maker Plans to Sell Digital Maps

Roomba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has been known for floor cleaning for years, but in coming future, it may collect the data too. Surprised!!! iRobot, the maker of Roomba first came into light as a bomb-disposal robot maker in 1990. After the immense growth, their invention on Robotic Vacuum Cleaner apparently shook the market for biggies like Bissell and Hoover.

Today, the big companies are targeting on creating products for “Smart Homes.” Be it security camera, lights, fans or thermostat; each thing is designed to make your home smarter. The CEO of iRobot, Colin Angle, wants to go further than just making smart home products. As per him,

“A smart home can deliver an ecosystem of services and things after you have a rich map of the home which the owner allowed and shared.”

So, if there is a digital map of the house which user allow to share, the companies can create a whole ecosystem that contains smart devices to make life easier. This statement will surely bring a boost of information to the businesses who want to push artificial intelligent voice assistants as smart home interfaces.

Roomba Maker Plans to Sell Digital Maps to Amazon

The data collected for these maps will have a dimension of the rooms, a distance between sofa, table lamps and any other furnishing around the house. All these information will be like a gold mine for the tech industry which is eager to push the innovation of internet enabled devices. The data collected by the robotic vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi support can easily map out all the information around your house and send it to the company. With this data open for sale, we can only imagine Amazon, Apple or Facebook new creations for the smart homes. In future, when you are trying to locate Mac or iPhone, all you need is ask Siri to find it for you.

But, sharing detailed map of your home may lead to many privacy concerns. iRobot CEO Colin Angle has promised not use this data without the consent of the consumers. There is no clear information on how this section will work in future or whether the customer can opt-in or opt-out. Many customers are opposing the idea of iRobot selling their data to big companies like Amazon, Apple or Facebook. We are still waiting for iRobot to comment on this and will further update soon.

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