Scooba vs Braava: Best Robotic Vacuums Compared

Scooba Vs Braava

Each and every person wants a clean and tidy house, but people find it very annoying when it comes to making it clean all by themselves. It is true actually, floor cleaning is one of the most exhausting and tiring jobs. In our previous article, we have made a comparison of the best vacuums from Dyson i.e. Dyson V6 vs V8, but today, we will talk about the most advanced technology in home cleaning, i.e. robotic cleaning machines. Don’t you think that robots are the better and lifelong option? Be up to date.

If you want to buy your all time available helper and companion, iRobots is your all in one solution. iRobots make floor cleaning robots with some unique technologies. Here we are going to compare two best robots for floor cleaning – Scooba 450 and Braava 380t. But before comparing Scooba vs Braava, let me tell you that iRobots offer several models for the same cause. Purchasing a floor cleaner is an extremely useful and best investment and can reduce some unwanted house chaos.

Scooba 450 vs Braava 380t

FeaturesSCOOBA 450BRAAVA 380t
Weight8.3 lbs4.1 lbs
Product Dimensions14.4 x 14.4 x 3.6 inches9.6 x 8.5 x 3.1 inches
Floor Coverage300 sq.-ft. with full wet mop1000 sq.-ft. with dry mopping, 350 sq.-ft. with damp mopping
Navigation TechnologyiAdapt Responsive Navigation TechnologyNorth Star Navigation System
Warranty6 months1 year
Off limit area featureYesNo
Cliff detection systemYesNo
Cleaning StyleOrganizedRandom
Sensing qualityAverageLow
Battery lifeGoodAverage
3-cycle cleaning systemYesNo

We have mentioned almost all the primary comparison of Scooba and Braava into the table. Now know about some extra features and specifications. There are many other differences too.

Braava vs Scooba: Key Differences

Cleaning Object and Performance

  • The main difference is that the Scooba robots are famous for scrubbing the floor with the brushes and Braava robots are famous for mopping the floors with a microfiber cloth or a special pad.
  • Scooba robots clean the floor by laying down clean liquid gradually, while Braava robots do not pour any liquid on the floor but clean the floor with the wet, damp, or dry pad.
  • Scooba robots always use clean water and never reuse dirty water for cleaning the floors, and Braava always uses one dry or damp microfiber cleaning cloth. This cloth or pad helps to pick up the dirt, hair, and dust.

Navigation System

  • Scooba’s navigation system works superbly. They have sensors that enable the robot to access every section of floor, even under and around the small furniture, avoiding stairs and navigating along wall edges. Different from Scooba, Braava builds a map of its route for efficient cleaning. This robot works like an indoor GPS.
  • Talking about Scooba 450, it uses battery-run standalone units called ‘virtual walls.’ This concept stops the robots from entering those areas which are not wanted to be cleaned. While Braava 380t cannot be used with ‘virtual walls.’

Maintenance and care

  • If we talk about maintenance and care, Braava robots require little maintenance after use. You need to remove the wet pad or that unclean microfiber cloth and clean it if it is reusable. Scooba robots need more care as you will need to empty both the reservoirs.
  • For Scooba, It is advisable to rinse the filter and port always and brush them after each use.  For cleaning them, you need to fill partially with hot water, shake well, and drain.

Other Differences

  • Scooba robots are bigger and heavier. Braava robots are smaller and lighter. Small size is an advantage in the work of floor cleaning, as this kind of robots can easily cover the narrower spaces and can clean under the furniture.
  • Scooba robots have two reservoirs. 1) Clean washing solution and 2) The dirty water that is picked up. Braava robots include two buttons. 1) Sweeping button and 2) Mopping button.

Scooba vs Braava – The Bottom Line

Both, Scooba and Braava robots are comfortable on all types of surfaces, especially the harder one. These robots can be used on hardwood, tile, stone or laminate, but their cleaning style is different. According to our research, Braava robots are better than Scooba robots because of extensive floor coverage and silent cleaning.

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